Large PA System


Medium duty PA system for medium to large rooms and outdoor events. NB a skilled engineer is required to set this system up - please ask if you are unsure, AusDigi can set this up for you.

Perfect for large weddings, corporate events, outdoor concerts or medium to large rooms. 10,000 watts total front of house.

Includes :

7 piece drum mic Kit, stands and accessories for drum kit.

2 x high end Shure wireless microphones with Beta 58 Heads.

2 x Floor Monitors/wedges.

6 x Stands for vocalists, overheads and guitar mic'ing.

2 x 18" 2500w Subs.

2 x Arrayable 2500w Mid/Tops.

Midas M32 Live Mixer with 32 inputs and 16 Bus outputs and Effects.

All stands, power leads and cables necessary to run the show.